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Project Description
This project includes a short webcast series to help Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers leverage ClickOnce to manage application publishing, deployment and updates.

The following series of webcasts are intended to teach WPF developers that are new to ClickOnce how to leverage the technology for publishing, deploying and updating applications from a remote web server. The first webcast is introductory, other webcasts focus on specific scenarios related to data storage, working offline, bootstrapping and security.

NOTE: I still have other topics I would like to add here, stay tuned.
  • Webcast #1: ClickOnce Overview
    • If you are new to ClickOnce this webcast will provide you with a quick overview of what the technology is capable of

You can also go to the CodePlex release to download the webcasts in WMV format here: Webcasts in WMV format

Contact Info
Please try to use the discussion board for this project for any project-related questions and feedback. If you have a question not project-related you can email me, Michele Leroux Bustamante, at

Many thanks to Brian Noyes, the author of Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce not to mention my good friend and colleague at IDesign for his support!

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